South Florida Life Science Pioneers

Often times we get so excited about the progress South Florida has made in the life sciences that we forget those that fought tirelessly for years on their own time and money to get Scripps, Max Planck, Torrey Pines and VGTI to the South Florida area. Some were business development professionals and public servants who do this as their job, yet even they sacraficed much to make the goal of a South Florida Life Science Cluster into a future for the rest of us.

So please take a minute and review all those who have contributed so much to help secure our futures. If there is someone not on this list, then please send their name to me. I don’t know everyone that particpated in the events to land the cluster here as I was in San Diego then.
But to our Life Science Pioneers below
Michael Gregson and the crew at LST HUB

Governor Jeb Bush Karen Marcus
Dr. Melody Sanger Larry Pelton
George Elmore Linda Roche
Kelley Smallridge Andrew Duffell
 Kenneth B. Kirby  Addie Greene